Some souvenirs may include glass figures of theUAE’s landmarks, which can be found around the souks and souvenir shops.
You can also get your family a “dallah” with “fenayeel” (teapot with cups) for your coffee back home, and maybe even some dates (you can find some Arabian coffee, and ask for directions of use). For something extra traditional, you can buy saffron, “genad”, rose water, and cloves (all found in local souks).
Local traditional jewelry can be considered for the ladies, and can be worn with modern/casual outfits for an ultramodern look.
A “thobe”, “jalabeya”, or “abaya and sheila” are all great souvenirs for ladies.
As for the men, a “kandora”, “ghetra”, “wezar and faneela”, and a “egal” would be nice. A “bisht” can also be considered as a souvenir and can be worn at weddings and official events.
You can decorate your house and add the Emirati Spirit to it in many ways. A “khanjar” (dagger) can be found in souks, and can be hung on walls. You can also get many portraits of the seven emirates and areas in the UAE, all ranging from the past and the present.
Another great souvenir can be a “smat/mefrash” which is similar to a mat that is used for eating. Emiratis place the “smat/mefrash” when it’s time for breakfast, lunch, dinner, or snacks (since we usually eat on the floor). They come in many different styles, sizes, and dimensions.

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