About Ajman

The smallest emirate among the seven emirates of the United Arab Emirates lies on the Arabian Gulf coast along with the northern emirates. Its area is estimated at 260 square kilometers . It includes Ajman the capital , the biggest city and the two cities , Mesfoot and AlMenameh which are known for their rich agricultural environment.

Ajman combines both an ancient heritage extends through long years of the Emirates’s history and a present hankering after attaining the most developed and modern images of development. Based on the central geographical location of Ajman between the two emirates Sharjah and Umm AlQuwain , and its nearness to Dubai , an industrial , trading and building uprising has developed greatly in the infrastructure, trade activity and the rising of the property investment average during the last years. With the increase of ships movement and trading exchange through Ajman seaport which houses the greatest ship maintenance workshop , the mind’s eye is infallible , Ajman orientation towards concluding a comprehensive development in all the fields which the region has not yet seen before.

The residents of Ajman are as those of the residents of the other emirates, originally Arabs belonging to tribes of known pedigrees. They are nicknamed by the names of those tribes and their bellies and thighs. The Ajman people are a combination of AlNaeem ( with their branches from Al Bu Khreeban , AlQeratiseh , Al hmeerat and Al Bu dhneen ) and Al Bu mheer , AlMezaree’ , Almetareesh , Alrmeethat , Alshewamis , Al Ali and AlSoodan and others in addition to those who have come to it during successive periods of time to settle in it as their homeland and to attain their sustenance from the sea by diving in it in search for the pearl and from building ships and fishing .

AlMenameh Region:

It is as far as 60 Km from Ajman city,eastward . Along it there crosses the road through Sharjah and AlFujeirah emirates. In AlMenameh , there is a field full of gravels and sand . It is diversified with a charming nature of high mountains that are rich with magnesium , chrome and building stones. The valleys are very fertile that produce agro -crops.

Masfoot Region:

It is as far as 110 km southward of Ajman city. It includes the two areas of Mseire’ and AlSebgheh. The people are descended from known tribes such as Bedwat tribe and Benika’b. The region is agricultural as the land is very fertile , valleys are wide open and the weather is moderate the thing that makes it a tourism place. Its nature is charming as mountains are very high such as Defta , Leechen and white and its valleys are wide open such as Gulfa , AlSewameer , mesfoot , AlKhunferiyeh and Frog valley.

Citizens / Residents

Ajman government with its all resources endeavors to keep your living in this lovely emirates safely, enjoyable and a warm place to raise a family.
Whether you are a resident or a citizen ; you are at the heart of our concern.

Al Humaidiya Park

​Sheikh Maktoum bin Rashid Al Maktoum Street, Helio

Weekdays 10:00 am – 10:00 pm

Green landscapes, trees, bushes, flower pots, shaded and seating areas.
Services: cafeteria, facility management, toilets, car parks, hand ball and volley ball courts, dedicated barbecue areas, and a mosque. Games: Various games are on offer, all free of charge and suitable to the age groups of the visitors. Bicycles and motorcycles are also available for rent at the park.

​ ​Al Jurf Family Park

Saturday to Thursday 1:00pm – 10:00pm
Vacation: 10:00 am – 10:00 pm

Green landscapes, trees, bushes, flower pots, shaded and seating areas.
Services: Cafeteria, facility management, toilets, car parks, and a mosque.
Games: Various games are on offer, all free of charge and suitable to the age groups of the visitors.

​ ​Mushrif Park for Ladies

​Al Safiya Street, Musherif

Timings :
Weekdays 4:00pm – 9:00pm

Green landscapes, trees, bushes, flower pots, shaded and seating areas.
Services: cafeteria, facility management, toilets, car parks, and a mosque. Games: Various games are on offer, all free of charge and suitable to the age groups of the visitors.

Al Rashidiya Park for Ladies​ ​

​Badr Street, Rashidiya

Weekdays: 4:00pm – 9:00pm

Green landscapes, trees, bushes, flower pots, shaded and seating areas.
Services: cafeteria, facility management, toilets, car parks, and a mosque. Games: Various games are on offer, all free of charge and suitable to the age groups of the visitors.

Social Clubs

Ajman emirate is rich in variety of social clubs that lets people get connected to enhance their life experience by having a unified goals.

Whether you are interested in sports, charities, women’s right or culture and arts; you may join one of various social club in Ajman.

​Club Name

Telephone Number​

​Ajman Cultural Sporting Club +971 6 7422441​
​Al Finon Al Shabia & Al Musrah Club +971 6 7423294​
​Dar Al Ber Society +971 6 7473688​
​Egyptian Club Ajman +971 6 7403138​
​Indian Association +971 6 7474212​
​National Club of Culture & Arts +971 6 7443966​
​Somali Social & Cultural Club +971 6 7470856​
​Umm Al Moumineen Association +971 6 7445243

Things to do

The small city of Ajman maintains a certain charm which other large cities lack.

Ajman is a free tax city which opens your appetite for shopping and dining.


The warm water of the sea, blue sky, sandy beaches and long sunshine hours make swimming an incomparable experience. There are a handful of swimming options that you and your family could try; indoor and outdoor swimming pool provided by fitness clubs and hotels or just walk and enjoy the free beaches.

Water Sports

Jet ski, kite surfing, skurfing, snorkeling and fishing sports are available at a reasonable prices.


Experience a tax free shopping in all corner of Ajman. Feel the intimation inside malls where all items are reachable under one roof.  All malls are bundled with necessary services and entertainments so you can spend the whole day without getting bored.

Ajman City Center

AlSafeer Center
Hamdan Center
Lulu Hypermarket 

See the beauty of Arabic horses and ride them up in Ajman Equestrian Club & Ajman Stud.


Gives you the opportunity to see the golden sand dunes of Arabia in a 4 wheel drive vehicle   where you experience the thrill of a lifetime, a roller coaster ride on the sand dunes.


Ajman Public Transport Corporation is a government entity established in 2005 and being responsible for  legislation, regularity and franchising the transportation services.

Order a Taxi:

  •  Trans Speed –    telephone : 067483030
  •  Cars –               telephone : 067407070
  •  Alarabyia –         telephone : 067408000

Taxi Fares:

  •  Flag down :  AED 3 during daylight (6:00 am – 9:59 pm)
  •  Flag down :  AED 4 during night ( 10:00 pm – 5:59 am)
  •  Running cost:     AED 1 per 625 meter.

Shared Transportation:

Set back and enjoy the low fare trips from Ajman to other Emirates . Transport corporation provide buses that covers as mentioned below:
​From ​Destination ​Fare AED

​Itihad Street Ajman


Ajman Industrial Area



​Shiek Rashid Bin Humaid street Sharjah





Musalla Station​ ​​Sharjah




​AlBustan Station ​​Jebel Ali

Abu Dhabi


Ras AlKhaima



Rent a Car

21 years old drivers and above are eligible to rent a car (see agencies list below) in UAE supported by required documents
Citizen & GCC citizens

  •  Valid Driving license
  •  Passport copy
  •  Valid credit card


  •  UAE valid driving license
  •  Passport copy with resident permit
  •  Valid credit card


  •   Valid International driving license
  •   Passport copy with visa
  •   Valid credit card

Enroll at school – Enrollment process

The following are the criteria’s & documents that would be required at the time of admission.


Enroll students in government and private schools and kindergartens for the following cases:

• Enroll for first time

• Transfer within UAE schools

• Transfer from a school outside UAE

Required Documents


• Family book

• Birth certificate

• Recent 4X6 photos

• Attested previous class certificate (in case of transfer)


• Student Passport copy with a valid residency permit

• Parents’ passport copy with a valid residency permit

• Birth certificate

• Recent 4X6 photos

• Attested previous class certificate (in case of transfer)



Foundation of Ajman University of Science and Technology by an Emiri Decision issued by His Highness Sheikh Humaid Bin Rashid Al-Nuaimi, Member of the Supreme Council of the UAE and Ruler of Ajman in 1988.

The University has two Campuses in Ajman, and Al Fujairah on which it offers 31 accredited bachelor programs, twelve accredited Master programs.


Univesity College of Mother and Family Science:

was established in 2010 and provided a 4 years bachelor’s degree in mothering professions. The university is restriced only to females as it focuses in building the comptencies that build the mother of future that capable to raise a strong family.

Mission It is the Mission of the Gulf Medical University to strengthen and promote excellence in medical education, biomedical research and patient care.


colleges GU E.png

Gulf Medical University

The Gulf Medical University is a private University that has evolved from the Gulf Medical College, which was established in 1998. Owned by the Thumbay Group U.A.E.


International College of Law, Business Administration & Technology ( ICLBAT), Ajman   is an additional  effort of  the New Indian Model School ( NIMS )  Group to render educational services to the needy in UAE by providing  post–secondary  education, training, consulting and other higher  education   academic activities.


City University College of Ajman
City University College of Ajman (CUCA) is a newly established institution of higher education, under the patronage of His Highness Sheikh Humaid Bin Rashid Al Nuaimi, Member of the Supreme Council and Ruler of Ajman, and under the chairmanship .
CUCA provides a high-quality learning environment that fosters research and personal growth.
CUCA uses a wide range of activities for academic and professional development.



The importance of education is highlighted in Ajman economy as being the most important basic foundation for creating new generations capable of proceeding with giving and moving towards development which Ajman carries on. Within this context , the Emirate pays special care for education which is clearly seen in the growing number of schools , agencies and educational cadres.

The number of schools in Ajman reaches 42 governmental schools and 21 private schools of which 17 for males ,17 for females and 29 coeducational ones that serve 75 thousand students.


Each year the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research awards scholarships to the academically distinguished UAE national students to pursue undergraduate and graduate studies abroad in a number of internationally

The Scholarship & Foreign Cultural Relations Department at the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research is responsible for the administration of the scholarship programme that funds students who are qualified for study abroad.



  • Submit the scholarship application form along with the required documents to the Applications Submission Office at the Ministry of Presidential Affairs.
  • Receive notification from the Ministry regarding the result of the application after it has been reviewed by the Scholarship and Labour Market Unit.


  • Valid passport
  • Full family book
  • Emirates Identity Card
  • High school diploma
  • Valid TOEFL Or CEPA certificate Or IELTS
  • University acceptance letter
  • Academic transcript
  • Recent photo


Click here to view the conditions.

recognised universities, mainly in the United Kingdom, the United States, Canada and Australia.



Things To See


Ajman has many attraction site that have been successfully convey the reality of lives in ancient eras and showed the geniality of our ancestors of tackling climate challenges through simple design concepts.

  Ajman Museum located at the heart of Ajman city , set back and take this virtual tour.

The Red Fort  was built in 1910 and located in Manama city

Al Mareer Fort was built at the time of the late Sheikh Rashid Bin Humaid (1928-1981) and located in Manama

Hassa Buweid Castle was built in 1976 and located in Masfut

Masfut Castle was built in 1965 and located in Masfut

The Village Mosque  Bin Sultan” mosque which was built, in 1815, from palm tree fronds and red clay and was


Where to stay

hotel1.jpg hotel2.jpg Hotels3.jpg

Ajman offers a whole range of accommodations ranging from Luxury hotels, Resorts & Hotel apartments.

Most of the hotels are fully equipped with sophisticated equipment’s right from the fitness clubs, sports halls and the big halls for conferences and meetings. Few of them have a number of restaurants and luxury coffee shops, enabling the visitors to enjoy the climate either in or outdoor where fresh air blows.
There are also a whole range of apartments for families that offer services for the guests. Hotel apartments are relatively cheaper than hotels, and could be booked for short periods or even longer periods. A number of hotel apartments are largely fully furnished, and some of have sports facilities like gymnasium, swimming pools and restaurants.
All these are provided due to the availability of the well developed infrastructure that provides the necessary basis for the establishment of sophisticated tourist attractions and other facilities like hotels, resorts and other leisure facilitates throughout the country.


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