Sharjah is the third largest of the seven states which form the United Arab Emirates.

The settlement of Sharjah dates back some 6,000 years when it is believed to have been called Sarcoa. The population was small and people relied on trade and sea faring in addition to, farming, hunting, fishing and pearling. Many of the early settlements were based around the ‘falaj’, a man made underground water course.

Culture & Heritage
Renowned throughout the Arab world for its commitment to art, culture and preserving the local heritage, this emirate is the place to visit to explore, experience and discover the secrets of a unique Arabian lifestyle and islamic culture. Sharjah offers an impressive array of over twenty museums several art galleries and beautifully restored heritage areas.

Sharjah began its business odyssey centuries ago. Business grew from trading with the Far East and pearl trading and forged ahead at a great pace to its present status.

There was no major publicity blitz, just a carefully plotted out master plan in which commerce and culture blended into a harmonious work ethos.

In the last four years the concept has matured and its tangible success proves that Sharjah’s commercial agenda has some very real merit. The 12% annual growth rate in Sharjah’s industrial graph did not just happen overnight, nor was it a random development. It has been the distillation of some very meticulous planning and detailed know-how.

Sharjah City Of Humanitarian Service
The persistence of Sharjah City for Humanitarian Services in pursuing humanitarian work, especially in the fields of care, training, education rehabilitation and integration of the handicapped in the society, does not stem from a utopian ideal, but from a conviction that ties the potential future to a radiant past. embodied by the adherence of the people of the UAE to standards derived from a deep-rooted history and a glorious Islamic past.

If we were to compare the past and the present we would find a wide contrast between the suppression, negligence and ignorance of the past, and the towering achievements we see and feel today.

The word “future” is more brilliant today. The future is guaranteed enough to break the barriers of fear and dread of a unknown tomorrow. We now can look forward to a bright tomorrow that carries hope and goodness for all.

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