It is becoming more and more popular for foreigners to be invited into Emirati house for lunch or dinner or maybe to a trip to their farm or maybe for fishing Learn the proper etiquette for visiting a an Emirati home.

  1. Be sure to either accept or decline the invitation. If you must decline, it is important to give a specific reason as to why you can’t attend. If you are vague, the host may think you are not interested in having a relationship with him or her.

2. Sometimes when you reach their house and you have a women with you, the women will go inside the house to sit with their women as Emirati culture women don’t sit together with strange men.

3. At the entrance to many homes, you may see a rack of shoes. Depending on the home, so take off your shoes. The host may give you a pair of slippers or sandals or you may just walk around in your socks or bare feet.

3. Bring a gift. The gift may or may not be opened in front of you. You can suggest the gift be opened in your presence but don’t push the issue.

4. Guests will be immediately served with coffee a small amount in the cup and when you finish it they will fill it again and give it to you they will keep fill it until you shake the cup and give it back this mean you finish, after that fruits will be served and after that the lunch or the dinner.

6. Follow the lead of the host and serve yourself, after you finish they will lead you to the place where you can wash your hands, then you will go back for a tea or a coffee.

7. When leaving make sure to thanks them for the invitation.


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