You find Emarati friends:

   Men greeting each other usually shake hands then touch noses.
Local ladies do not shake hands with male strangers. Also, local men do not always shake hands with women.
–     You’re invited as a guest in an Emirati family’s house:
   When offered dates, take some “remember to use your right hand”
In every Emirati house, Arabian coffee in a “dallah”, a dish filled with water and a few “fenayeel”, and a plate with dates are usually served when visitors are over. 
Keep in mind that you should always accept what you are offered using your right hand. When you’re done, do not hesitate to clean your hands and fingers using the water in the dish with the “fenayeel”
   Later, the host might give you some coffee to drink (remember to take what you are offered using your right hand). You will notice that the person serving the coffee only pours a small amount of it, however, that does not mean you can not have any more. After drinking the coffee in your “fenyaal”, the person serving the coffee will pour some more coffee for you. Then, when you have enough coffee, shake your “fenyaal” (this is a sign for the person serving coffee that you are full, or had enough).
   While having dinner, also remember to use your right hand when eating. while most Emiratis use their hands when eating (just like the early generations), foreign guests can ask for spoons to eat if they are not comfortable using their hand. 
How Emiratis use their hands when eating:
Here are some tips if you feel like using your hand instead of a spoon or fork and knife. First, you should wash your hands. Second, cut a piece of chicken, meat, or fish using your hand. Then take a small amount of rice, along with any add-on, such as yoghurt, olive oil, and chilli. Mix the rice, add-ons, and piece of meat/fish/chicken. Mould them into a ball, and eat it.
After you are done, say alhamdu-lellah (which means: thanks to god ). You will then be served a cup of red tea to enjoy (chai ahmar ).
NOTE: Dont be surprised if you, while driving, find people lined up horizontally behind a single man. These men are praying because maybe the mosques are full, or there arent an mosques around.

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